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North West Drama has the ambition of becoming the region’s foremost provider of quality drama provision and support to schools; we advocate for the right of all children and young people to experience drama that inspires learning and drives forward a creative and humanising curriculum.


Our practice is underpinned by the work of playwright and theorist Edward Bond and teacher and academic Dorothy Heathcote, along with several other notable practitioners and writers.


Below you can find out more about:

A statement in support of 'Drama in Education'

Our values

Our priorities


A Statement in Support of 'Drama in Education'

by Edward Bond (taken from an article for the journal of the National Association of Teaching of Drama)

"The mind's various elements - reason, emotion, imagination, instinct, the perception of public and private- have no naturally integrated relationship. their relationship is created culturally. It is this which makes us human. It is achieved through drama and other arts and cannot be properly achieved by other means...

Drama helps young people to understand what they do and to create in themselves the ability to accept personal and social responsibility for it. That is why drama in education is so important. It enables us to learn these things in reasoning, creative ways.

All past societies used drama to achieve this end. We must not fail to use it now precisely when technology increasingly comes between us and the culture, customs and learning we inherit. Without it, democracy - even bare civility - will not be possible."

Our Values 

North West Drama's work is built upon the following shared values:

  • Education is the foundation upon which a diverse and humane society is built

  • The arts are a crucial element in human development and must therefore be a part of EVERY child and young person's experience of education

  • Drama has the ability to help young people to come to understand their own humanity and to develop agency in their response to their situation

Our Priorities

North West Drama's key priority is the development of the classroom drama approach is a key aim for us. We know that the use of drama at this level shouldn't be described as 'very mixed,' and that initial teacher training does not usually offer any professional development in this area. We aim to support teachers to feel confident, knowledgeable and courageous enough to develop their own adventures in drama.  Our work with primary teachers and pupils has repeatedly demonstrated the richness and power of learning experiences delivered using drama. We currently do this through the Children's Shakespeare Festivals, Children's Time Travel Festival, drama days and CPD programmes.

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"In the end I think theatre has only one subject: justice."


Edward Bond

Playwright and Patron of North West Drama

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