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To mark the centenary of the First World War, North West Drama undertook a very exciting project; a series of history based festivals, exploring the lives and experiences of those who lived through "the war to end all wars". 


Find out more about the Children's Time Travel Festival: The Great War.


The Children's Time Travel Festival is not currently running, but it will be back in the future in a new and exciting form! You can register your interest here now




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The Children's Time Travel Festival: The Great War


The Children's Time Travel Festival was born through a recognised need for high quality history based drama at primary level, and a passionate belief that the remarkable stories of those who lived through the First World War still resonate powerfully one hundred years on.

The festival has seen our performances in large scale non-theatre spaces: Imperial War Museum North and Manchester's historic Victoria Baths.


With an acclaimed scheme of work written by John Doona and Emma Bramley, participating schools used drama to tell the stories of history through the lives of real people - so that children have the chance to inhabit and experience through carefully constructed imagined experience. Experience that also opens up to support school staff’s delivery. Through their participation in the project school staff develop their expertise in the delivery of a compelling drama approach; expertise which they will be able to transfer to other subject areas and to other staff across your schools. Through participation in this project school will develop their own in-house drama specialists.



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