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Teaching Documents


King Lear Scheme of Work 2023/24

(All resources are now integrated into the scheme of work)

Song words and Finale Speech 2023/24

The words to the song and speech are here

CSF Twelfth Night Launch Workshop Presentation

(This is just the presentation for the launch workshop - not from the residential!)

Residential Images and Text Presentation (.PPTX)

Residential Images and Text Presentation (.PPT)

Residential Images and Text Presentation (PDF)

(Please remember that the fonts used may not open on your computer unless you use the pdf version)

Policy Documents

NWD's Safeguarding Policy (Updated 9th May 2023)

Our most recent safeguarding policy

North West Drama's Privacy Policy (Updated 1st Sept 2023)

Our most recent privacy policy

King Lear Song & Jig

Here you'll find the song and jig for this year's festivals

Pupil Resources


King Lear (First Encounter: RSC)

A cleverly abridged, filmed performance of King Lear, directed by acclaimed theatre director Tim Crouch, for pupils at upper KS2 / KS3. Could be really useful to help your class become familiar with the story... This production uses Shakespeare's text, so you might need to check the understanding of younger classes!

Jig Demonstration Video

Teacher 'Storm Performance Poems'

From the teacher residentials

King Lear Classroom Music

This palette of music is composed and recorded by our musician Sam McLoughlin. It is for use during your classroom exploration and will be available for you to use in performance.

BBC Teach: King Lear (Audio Synopsis)

A new and accessible synopsis of each of the 5 acts of the play, narrated by Simon Callow. 

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Oldham and Rochdale CSFs

Oldham & Rochdale CSFs Risk Assessment To follow

Oldham & Rochdale CSFs Info Pack 1 (General info)

Oldham & Rochdale CSFs Info Pack 2 (Performance) To follow

The following documents are editable (docx)

Oldham/Rochdale CSFs Letter to accompany Pupil Consent Form

Oldham/Rochdale CSFs Pupil Consent Form

Oldham/Rochdale CSFs Collated Consent Form

CSF Programme information Form

Oldham/Rochdale CSFs Parent/ Carer invitation Letter

This letter requires school-specific information entering 

Oldham/Rochdale CSFs Technical Script Template

Performance Phase Documents

Generic Performance Phase Documents (for all festivals)

CSF Programme information Form

Please complete this once you have consent for all children in your class to have their name printed in the programme

Sound Effects

Here are the recorded sound effects for this year (MORE FILES TO FOLLOW)

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