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 Who is Speech Bubbles for? 


When deciding which children to refer to the project, please consider whether they meet at least one of these three referral criteria. Do they:


Lack confidence in communicating?

This includes children who are selectively mute and those with English as an additional language.


Have difficulty organising thoughts and communicating them?

This includes children who may not respond appropriately to what is being said.


Have poor attention, poor listening?

This includes children with a low level of engagement with classwork and difficulty developing positive peer to peer relations.

Here's a short video of Speech Bubbles CIO Adam explaining who will benefit most from participating:

If you would like advice about whether Speech Bubbles is the right intervention for a particular child, please contact Matt Wardle who will be able to advise:

Click here to email

or call him on 07890 724 917

Ready to begin completing referrals?

Please go to 

You will need your school log in details. Not got them? Request them by emailing Matt Wardle.


 Referral Guidance 

 for teachers and SENDCos 

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