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We've compiled a short list of questions we are regularly asked, in order to help you make the most of our services.


How does our school get involved in the Children's Shakespeare and Time Travel festivals?


Recruitment usually takes place over the summer and during the first half of the Autumn term each year. To register your interest in next year's festivals contact Matt here.


How much does The Children's Shakespeare and Time Travel Festival cost?


For one class, the current cost is £1800.

For any additional classes, the current fee is £900.


For this you can expect:

  • 2 x places on a 24 hour residential for school staff

  • A launch workshop from your Festival Director or an Associate Director

  • Full support during the delivery of the Scheme of Work, from your Festival Director

  • Full supoort during the devising phase, including a 'Performance Brief' unique to your class

  • A directing visit from your Festival Director or an Associate Director

  • A technical meeting with your theatre's Stage Management team to discuss your technical requirements

  • Support from our Administrator, Jenny, during ticketing for your festival performance

  • A technical rehearsal on the day prior to or the performance day, depending on which Festival you join

  • A full and exhilarating performance day at your theatre, with full support form the NWD team

  • An opportunity to evaluate your class's experience with the NWD team


Does North West Drama offer other 'drama' opportunities?


Yes. We offer a wide range of Drama Days, bespoke Drama projects and CPD for teachers and school staff.

Contact Matt to find out more about how we could work with you.


Do you offer bespoke primary Drama Days based around our own curriculum?


Yes. The North West Drama team have a wide range of experience in theatre making and drama for learning. We are always happy to tailor our Drama Days to your curriculum, and can offer a fresh and engaging learning opportunity which is specifically desgined for your class(es). 


Are you planning new Children's Shakespeare Festivals in new areas?


We are. We are always seeking new opportunities to engage with high profile theatres and their local schools. Despite our name, we are looking beyond the North West! Join our mailing list be kept up to date.

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