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Adult Drama Network


The Adult Drama Network isn’t amateur dramatics, it isn’t about putting on plays (though we might do so if we like), it isn’t about preparing your next Britain’s Got Talent audition piece; it’s a new kind of experience, a new kind of challenge. It’s about you and us. It’s about using the approaches of the drama that children and young people experience in schools to enliven and enrich the lives of adults… cos adults deserve fun and adults deserve a space for themselves to think and maybe even…. play.

Good school drama is a vibrant, energetic and powerful thing. It uses games, stories, characters, living-through and acting out to create compelling and  engaging experiences that might lead us to explore big questions about ourselves and our world.

The Network hopes to put into service, the great and varied skills of our local Drama specialists to get us off our sofas and into a new kind of blood-pumping being. Our specialists will be offering their key, most engaging schemes of work straight from their classrooms. We’ll be thinking big  and having good times together in a friendly, non-threatening spirit.

Our first group will be starting with an exploration of Shakespeare’s The Tempest - a scheme of work that forms the bedrock of our current work in the Shakespeare Festivals at major local theatres, including the Royal Exchange and the Lowry.

The group will be led by John Doona a Drama teacher and writer, former Advanced Skills Teacher and LA Adviser. John is also the Director of Northwest Drama.

We hope you’ll want to join us for some serious fun.

To cover the costs of room hire and  to recognise the valuable input of our Drama specialists, we will be making a small charge for each session of £5. You can choose to pay per session - straight into the honesty box - or to set up your own direct debit through on-line banking - bank details will be available in the first session.

The first session will be free.


To register for a place with the Adult Drama Network please complete and submit the form on the right. We will contact you to confirm that a place has been reserved for you.

In the box marked “Your Group” - please tell us which group you’d like to be a part of.

Currently, there is only our first group in Cheadle Hulme, but we hope to grow outwards as opportunities present themselves.

As the group develops, we’d like to invite members to come and share their thoughts with the group in the group blog box below. We look forward to hearing from you.